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13 ára, 14 ára, 15 ára, 16 ára

11-15. júní 2018 13:00-16:00

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This course will introduce students to Video Art and Sound Art while exploring Avant Garde film, Performance Art, Audio Collage and Experimental Animations. The class will be split between watching and learning about various artworks as well as making video works. Some of the projects will include: Youtube mixing (Creating a video by downloading and re-editing youtube videos), experimenting with video feedback and analog effects, Surrealist games and culture jamming. This is a great class for those students who are interested in expanding their knowledge of Art and film and particularly those students who wish to further their studies in fine art at the various Art Programs here is Iceland.

Kennari námskeiðisins er Lee Lynch og fer námskeiðið að mestu leyti fram á ensku.

Lee Lynch grew up in Northern California and splits his time between Reykjavik and Los Angeles where he lives with his Icelandic wife and son. He studied experimental film at Cal Arts where he graduated with a BFA and holds an MFA from University of Southern California (USC) in Fine Art. Lee has been teaching in various Art schools throughout Reykjavik going on five years now. His experimental films have shown Internationally at such film festivals as Sundance, Tribecca, Rotterdam, and the Viennale.


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